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“Harris is a magnetic performer, strong singer, and high-powered dancer” Critic’s Pick -San Diego Union Tribune

What the Critics say

★★★★★ “Tymisha Harris’ performance is a tour de force. Not only can this gal sing, her burlesque numbers are captivating and her dalliances with audience participation are perfection. When she belted out Bob Dylan’s The Times They Are A-Changin’, I cried.”
“Josephine is a triumphant homage to a life worth remembering. Go see this one.”

Marlo Campbell, Staff, CBC

★★★★★ “It’s is a perfect piece of theatre for the time we are currently in: showcasing a fascinating woman who broke boundaries when America hadn’t even begun to reconcile its deep racial wounds. This show is a cry for history not to repeat itself and how to live to the fullest under imperfect circumstances.”

“Tymisha’s vocals are smooth and rich, her dance is sensually athletic yet authentic to the time period, and she brings a joy and innocent courage to this firecracker woman.”

Laura Vogels, Plays To See


“The truth is Harris’s rich and powerful voice is far superior to Baker’s, which often sounded thin and raspy. She’s also sexy in a way that’s most probably far more effective for modern audiences. One likes to think Baker, so generous in life, would have respected and not resented Harris’s talent, and appreciated the tribute.”

Paulanne Simmons,

★★★★★ “A sexy, funny, heartbreaking and riotous performance”

Caley Ramsay , Global News Edmonton

★★★★★ “If there’s a truly must-see show at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, it’s Josephine.”
“Through dance, theatre and song, Harris becomes Baker, and the audience is left spellbound. Even the costume changes are a source of magic.”

Jen Zoratti, Winnipeg Free Press

★★★★★ “I was mesmerized by her performance, and the songs she performed were a Masters Class in how to interpret a song so they draw the audience in, and move the story along.”

Mark A. Lee, Nuvo Indianapolis

“Here’s our highest-rated, must see shows: “Josephine, a burlesque cabaret dream play” at the Phoenix Mainstage, is the story of Josephine Baker’s magical arc across history told in bold musical detail by the compelling performance of Tymisha Harris.”

Ethel Winslow, The Weekly View

“To play a woman that fabulous requires one mesmerizing performer. In Tymisha Harris, the engaging, involving “Josephine” has just that.”
“A gritty “Strange Fruit” is a showstopper, and an 11 o’clock rendition of “The Times They Are A-Changin’” left my heart pounding.”

Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel

“At the heart of the story is a complex, unapologetic woman who exhibits her sexuality on her own terms.”
“Harris tantalizes the audience with song, dance, and feathers.”

“Tymisha Harris…delivers as strong and tireless a one-person performance as you are likely to see in a Fringe show”

“It is a full-fledged musical with grit, sex, color and ebullient dancing, all supplied by the remarkable Tymisha Harris who gushes with love and truth about her subject”

Joel Benjamin, TheatreScene.Net

“Tymisha Harris has a one-woman version of the tale that is probably the closest to an evening with Josephine Baker as one will ever experience…What makes this telling of the story so powerful is that Harris can act, sing and dance. Because she is a world-class triple-threat, Harris brings Baker back for us. There are no supporting roles, and the demands made on Harris are huge. Her talent and commitment are more than up to the job. She is riveting.”

Jeff Myhre, Stage Biz Review

“With a husky, expressive voice, blithe nudity and a captivating demeanor, she reaches into the audience, flirting with both men and women.”

Elizabeth Ahlfors, Stage Biz Review

“Tymisha Harris meticulously crafted a performance that makes her voice, body, and overall person scream, “JOSEPHINE!”

“Tymisha Harris meticulously crafted a performance that makes her voice, body, and overall person scream, “JOSEPHINE!”

“their original work was not only thoroughly impressive but of a caliber that could easily hold its own on Broadway if they ever decided to go that route.”